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Prayer. Balance. Strength. These are some of the most vital elements in the lives of Black and brown women living with HIV. This pin symbolizes and centers a community of women who often face being overlooked and dismissed within the HIV sector.

This pin serves as a powerful emblem of unity and empowerment for this community. By representing and focusing on these women, it acknowledges their unique struggles and contributions to the HIV sector. It encapsulates the spiritual, emotional, and societal dimensions of the experiences of Black and brown women living with HIV. It shines a light on their resilience, emphasizes the importance of balance in their lives, and underscores the significance of recognizing and supporting this frequently marginalized community.

#TheTrifecta enamel lapel pin

  • PREMIUM QUALITY. This enamel lapel pin is made of a standard metal with a pin back. Sizing – 1 inch height x 1.5 inches in width x 1/16 inches in thickness. The back part of the pin is an additional ¼ of an inch in depth.

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